About us

Veesart Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard, located in Lubbock County. Larry and Christine, along with their son and daughter in-law, Jason and Amanda, established Veesart Vineyards in 2019. Our family took over a 50-acre vineyard and begin the journey to growing grapes and producing top-quality wine. Each of us, including our children, Nate and Lexi, have shared a role in the development, growth, and production of the vineyard. Our goal is to grow premium grapes to put in the hands of the best winemakers in Texas. The majority of our grapes are sold, solely, to wineries across the State of Texas.

In 2020, we started keeping a small allotment for our family label. We are excited to share our wine with all of you, family, friends, and strangers who became friends. Many of whom supported us every step of the way on this journey.

Our first vintage of wine was released in 2022 and we are thrilled to share it with you.